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Get the Benefits of Messenger for Marketing infographic from the link below.This is a large jpg image and is really only viewable on a desktop because it measures 800x4000px.There is a lot of good info in there. Download click here.If you want to view now from a tablet or phone I will send you to page with text only that is mobile friendly.Go here:

The download below is a shareware desktop application that enables the easiest way for making quality and relevant posts to social media. This might be of interest to you if say you have web visitors, run ads, use messenger for marketing. The reason being your visitors might check your various social properties and if you have no posts or activity on the socials it is hard to build trust. And without trust sales are hard to come by.

I have a post [with video explainer] that covers everything about it. In the example I built this for the mortgage lending industry but the same could be done for any industry. Here is the post to learn more. If of interest reach out to us and we can see about pre-loading the app for your industry. Of course we have a done for you social media posting that is second to none. If you schedule a call with us often we offer this for $49 per month when bundled with another marketing service.

Download QuiteRSS preloaded with 100 mortgage lending feeds: click here

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