Smart Way To Make Facebook Posts to Your Page - Mortgage Loan Example

In the video below I will show you how to use a open source (100% free) RSS reader application to source content to post on your Facebook page. You download the application and run it on your computer. What it does is reads RSS feeds which are lists of recent posts from the target source. So when you are ready to make a social media post you open up the app which is called QuietRSS. You browse the feeds that you have loaded looking for an article you want to share on your page.

This only requires proper setup in a few areas. For one the app has a build in browser so you can follow the app’s link to the article and check it out in detail. That can be useful to ensure it is something you want to share. The publisher of the feed controls how their feed and one source may load the full article in the feed while another may only have the headline while another will pull in the first X number of words.

To post on your page you need to set QuiteRSS to use your computer default browser. Then you need to be logged into the social media application on that browser and voila… easy to post.

In the posting process you can add your own comment before the post which I highly suggest you do. Make it personal. Add an insight why you thought this article was relevant to your visitors. The term for this type of content is syndicated content. You basically share something you think will be helpful and add your two cents.

Check out this demo by Kurt, a marketing guy and where I got this idea. He uses marketing content of course. You will loaded feeds related to your specific niche. They are easy to find. Just Google something like “best RSS feeds <your industry>.” In this video Kurt posts an image from NASA to his facebook page. He left our the personal intro for brevity in the demo but I’ll show you that if you reach out and I’ll provide you with a reader preloaded with mortgage loan related feeds. You cool with that? Hit me up here.

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