A Messaging System With Virtually 100% Inbox Guaranteed – Push Notification

Email – The Mainstay Of Business Messaging – Can Instantly Cripple Your Marketing Due To Service Provider Spam Control
Push Notification from your website can be a smart solution be be sure your message gets to your subscribers. There is no third entity managing your “server party-line/host.” If you are not using a dedicated server then other ISP users bundled on your server can harm you. The actions the ISP takes to remedy this may be hurting you.

Another powerful feature of Website Push Notification is that sending is tied to the browser app. Your subscriber needs only have their browser open to get notifications. They do not need to visit yours or any other publisher suite of sites. Messages appear in the browser regardless of site visited.

Another Solution To The Problem Of People Visiting Your Website And You Never Hear From Them Again

  • Fully customize campaigns – for example, a welcome drip sequence or one-off messages
  • Multiple ways to trigger sending messages
  • Smart selection allows sending your most popular content based on real engagement automatically
  • Able to batch and send multiple messages to avoid excess notification unsubscribes
  • Subscribers can self select by category of content to customize their experience
  • Integrate with social media platforms and other applications

What is it going to take to get visitors to “sign-up?”

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