Get More Customers With Less Resources Using Smart System Automation

You’ve no doubt seen it first hand. Automation and technology changes our world rapidly.
Jobs are continually replaced by automation or outsourced based on new technology platforms enabling ease of interface and management with “budget friendly” labor forces.

If you fail to jump on board, your competitors who do will pass you by. And when they do their growth can be exponential, not linear. That’s how technology works.

Not 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 … but 2 – 4 – 16 – 256 …  |  Technology allows for exponential growth opportunity.

Use Cases For Marketing Automation


  • Connecting With Prospects And Customers – Provide ways for people to connect with you on their terms. Subscribe them to a list be it email, SMS/Text/Call, messenger apps, etc. Then stay engaged with them with multiple messages. It takes numerous touches to be remembered and nurture them to whatever your “conversion” goal is. Just like most salespeople, a business will often fail to follow up or give up after only 1-3 attempts. The bulk of success comes further down the line, at contact #5 and beyond.
  • Publish Content – Post on Social Media – Let Bill Gates famous quote, “Content is King” be your guide to finding an audience, filtering them to those that are a fit for your business and bringing them into your tribe. Your prospects and customers expect it. They have been conditioned by the biggest and most successful brands and local one unit entities that do content well. Fail to meet minimum expectations here and you will suffer.


    • Track – Segment – Branched Sequence – After you get the basics in place add in tracking pixels and tagging to segment your list. This level of function allows you to have a conversion map in place and know where each person is along the path. By knowing what actions visitors take and do not take  you customize which messaging to serve them next. Fine tuning the right message at the right time leads to greater success.
    • Cross-Platform Integration – Omni-channel is the buzz word to describe the ability to interact with your audience across multiple platforms. It’s most powerful when done with intelligence. Meaning that the 2nd receiving platform can know the incoming prospect is at stage two in the “sales ready” sequence. This is the highest level of automation and integration available to small/medium size business. Requires cross-platform/domain linking of userIDs, tracking/pixels and tags/segmenting.

Gishmo Marketing Solutions offers user friendly and affordable services to address all the functions discussed above. To focus our efforts and achieve the most effective solutions for our customers we limit our engagements to specific industries. Thoes are the home services sector (contractors/builders/tradesmen) and eCommerce. If you are ready to explore our methods to grow your business please contact us.